Core Values

Core Values

  • That The Buck Stops Here

    Nearly everyone has experienced an IT situation where “hardware guys” point the finger at “software guys” and vice versa. Or a vendor is mercilessly blamed without an opportunity for defense. If we identify a problem that is not ours, we will provide you whatever support we can to move the situation forward. Sometimes that is working directly with a vendor. Other times it may be providing documentation. The point is – we won’t leave you hanging. We are accountable and work very hard to ensure our actions show it. The buck stops here.

  • A Commitment to Learning

    We’re all highly committed to education, both professionally and personally. We truly believe that the only way to create and sustain a great company is for its members to increase and grow their own knowledge. We have built, and continue to add to, an internal library for staff members to use for their personal growth. Topics include Leadership, Business IQ, Success, Discipline, Parenting, Servanthood, and Spiritual Growth. We are continually looking for new material to stretch and develop ourselves as leaders and contributors in our communities. Oh yes, we also study our tails off to stay current and forward-looking where technology and business acumen is concerned.

  • To Be Action Driven

    We are people of action. We get it done. We take advantage of opportunity. We are decisive. We actually have systems and processes built internally to ensure that client activities and internal projects continually move forward with full visibility and accountability so customers can stay informed. To borrow a quote from author John G. Miller “Let’s take care of the little things while they’re still little.”

  • We Strive for Excellence

    Steve Jobs once told a friend of mine; “how you do anything is how you do everything.” To make this statement even more profound, it was in the context of my friend, then a youngster, throwing garbage into a dumpster, with some of the refuse not quite making it in. My friend, not picking up the discarded pieces was startled to hear Mr. Jobs yelling his advice from across the parking lot after telling him to “pick it up!” This was before Steve Jobs, was “Steve Jobs” but the point is clear. Before Apple was dominating the technology world, Steve Jobs’ mindset was to do everything right the first time. Take pride in your work. Treat it as your own. We subscribe to the same methodology at Beyondnet and strive to do that every day.

  • We Focus on Success

    Simple math: The only way we can achieve success is if our clients are successful. All of our service contracts are performance driven. If we don’t hold up our end of the bargain and the client has issues, and we don’t make a profit. And this goes beyond finance. We are lucky enough to choose for whom we work, and we have made phenomenal relationships and close friends. Our business has been built on reputation and our laser-focus on the client and their solutions is the reason why.

  • We Impact Others in a Positive way

    It is our belief that being a ‘good business’ includes being a ‘good member of the community.’ We regularly give our time, expertise, and finances to charities and organizations, as well as participate in activities in our communities. We enjoy working with partners that are like minded. Simply put, we like to leave a place better than we arrived. Sometimes that just means keeping our cool in a pressurized situation.

  • We Focus on Results

    Before we get to work on your IT and computers we strive to really understand your company and its business goals. This means we can make a plan for how they can all be achieved. Once we understand your company inside and out, we can create roadmaps and a strategy to move forward. We don’t believe in quick fixes and always make sure we get to the root or problems and solve them for the long term. This way we can help your company grow and adapt in the future.

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